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Every item that comes into our facility is treated with care the moment it is placed in our hands. The fabric is carefully inspected and attention is given to the details that will allow us to dry clean the item in the most efficient manner.

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Dry Cleaning Service

No matter how small an item may be or its age we know that it is important to our customer. We have the ability to clean these items not only using the highest quality of products, but we insist on using those which are environmentally friendly. The extra cost for using these types of products is absorbed by us because of our commitment to the environment and we take this responsibility seriously.

We have the skills, experience, equipment and techniques to dry clean all types of items ranging from shirts, suits, and everyday attire that requires the special attention that dry cleaning procedures provide. In addition to this we are able to handle speciality items such as wedding gowns, or home items such as heavy bedding or items such as leather and furs. While this is not an all inclusive list of the services we have to offer here at the Four Corners Cleaners it gives you a clearer understanding of the exceptional and extensive dry cleaning services, that we have to offer.


Just as you want to have your items looking clean and crisp there is no doubt you want your personal attire to fit well. We are pleased to be able to offer exceptional tailoring services to meet your needs. We have a master tailor on hand that can handle any alterations that you may be in need of. Our prices for tailoring as with all our other services are most affordable.

It is most important that if your attire is in need of alterations that you have it done professionally. The slightest mistake can change the appearance of the clothing where it becomes most noticeable and leads to disappointment in its looks.

Don’t take the chance of this happening to that piece of clothing that is so important to you. Just bring it to our tailoring experts here at the Four Corners Cleaners and you can be assured that you will be pleased with the end results.

About Four Corners Cleaner

Why Four Corners Cleaner?

For over thirty years, the Four Corners Dry Cleaner has had the pleasure of serving and maintaining a large number of clients with their dry cleaning, laundering, and tailoring needs.

Our priority is dedication to our clients laundry needs and we treat every client’s needs as unique, and do our best at offering them complete customer satisfaction. It is this approach of providing customer service with value that has given us the opportunity to stay in business for the years that we have.

Go Green

Say Goodbye to Questionable Chemicals...

Four Corners Cleaner uses the most eco-friendly and environmentally safe cleaning system in the industry, GreenEarth.

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